My Brother With Autism Lives in His Own Galaxy, and I'm Lucky to Get to Experience It

"Alex, let's go!" "Alex, come on!" "Alex, nos vamos!" I have always rushed my brother around. At 7 years old, I carried his chubby 2-year-old self up the playground with all the strength I had, his feet compressed in too-small socks, ready to push him down a slide. At 10 years old, wearing a bathing suit with a pail in hand, I grabbed Alex's hand and rushed him away from his VCR player and into the car for a beach day.

Mosquitoes Got You Down? Here Are 10 Hacks to Keep Them Away From Your Patio For Good

Let me preface this with the fact that I was raised in the swampy, very humid (yep, my hair still feels it!) Miami, so I know a thing or two about mosquitoes. Once the pesky insect has fulfilled its destiny, leaving you with itchy inflammation and an annoyed outlook, hydrocortisone cream is your best friend. (I keep it in my handbag, kitchen, and bathroom at all times, as it's the only way the bites go away quickly, without leaving hyperpigmentation.)

"Somos más ambient que transient": McOndo y la identidad personal a expensas de la identidad social

. Los escritores de McOndo parecen ver el tema de la identidad latinoamericana como algo muy complejo para definir, y prefieren evitar encerrarla en una definición unidimensional. Por ejemplo, uno puede ver como el escritor Alberto Fuguet describe situaciones en sus cuentos que pudieron haber sucedido en cualquier otro lugar del mundo, analizando la identidad individual de sus personajes en vez de una identidad social o cultural. De esta manera, la literatura McOndo muestra la identidad latinoamericana al no intentar ser latinoamericano, un concepto comparable al mensaje del cuento de Augusto Monterroso "La rana que quería ser una rana auténtica."

Poetry's New Aims in the Aesthetically Pleasing, Readily Digestible World of Instagram Photos

Instagram has totally changed the environment of the poetry world and I believe that Rupi Kaur, Tyler Knott and the other famous Instagram poets are pioneers of a practice that one day will be expected from, or seen as second nature to, poets (if it is not already). The social media platform has commoditized the art of poetry and shrunk it to not much more than Hallmark card proverbs and meditations on nature and love— in short, exactly what most people think poetry is. It is not strange that people flock to this type of poetry on Instagram, because most programs in schools teach their students that poetry should be about the ego, "deep", vague and confusing (and should rhyme). The Instagram poets are giving their mass audiences exactly what they want in order to ensure virality, success, more followers, and being able to actually live off of their art, the last of which no poet can truly blame them for.

This Aquarius Season Playlist Will Let Out Your Inner Individualist

Ah, Aquarius season! Aquarians — born from Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 — are known for their fierce individualism, love of the arts, social skills, and innovation. Aquarians are never afraid to do things exactly the way they want to, and they have a natural impulse to live an authentic, unique life (Just one rule with an Aquarian – don't limit them!). Sure, they can be a bit stubborn, but that's exactly what allows them to reach their goals, even when that means your Aquarian BFF is sure her choice of restaurant is the best tonight (again).

It's Reading Season! 15 Books to Give Your Best Friend Now That Winter Weather Has Set In

This Winter season, why not give your best friend the gift of the written word with a new book? Sure, stylish gifts like a quartz roller or silky pajama set are always appreciated (hope my friends are reading this!) but is there anything more beautiful than a friend cracking open a book you gave her in 20 years time, immediately recalling the memories you've shared? Gifting a friend a good book is giving her laughs, new connections, wisdom, maybe a few cries, and a chance for introspection and self-reflection. Bonus points if you read the same book at the same time and you can discuss all of the plot points over Earl Grey tea, like a miniature book club (more bonus points if you give it a name).

The Crown Makes a Very Astute Observation About the Royals, but Is It True?

Whether you've been glued to season three of The Crown on Netflix or are simply interested in the royals, examining the tense contrasts within the Windsor family can be enlightening — not only about the British monarchy, but about human dynamics in general. In the second episode of the latest season of the series, Prince Phillip delves into a theory he has about the Windsors to his wife, Queen Elizabeth. "There have always been the dazzling Windsors and the dull ones," he claims. And how for every "dull" or "dreary" royal, there is a dangerous, individualistic one. Throughout the entire history of the British royal family, there have always been two very distinct currents that run side by side: the "dull" royals who keep it all together, and the rebellious ones who always try to shake things up. Is he right? Let's take a closer look.

Embrace Sagittarius Season With This Very On-Brand Playlist

Sagittarians, rejoice! We are currently in #SagSZN (Nov. 22-Dec. 21), and to celebrate, I've created the ultimate Sagittarius playlist. According to astrology, this time encourages us to live with optimistic curiosity and ignites our adventurous spirit. Whether you're feeling like planning a thrilling vacation to somewhere you've never been before, thinking of forging a new path in life, or simply wanting to switch up your daily habits, this season is all about taking chances. This playlist, comprising our favorite Sagittarian artists, will accompany you right through the best, messiest, and funnest of decisions.

Every Pop Song From the Year 2000 That We're Still Playing on Repeat

The year 2000 was an epic time for pop culture: there was the release of Coldplay's debut album Parachutes, the debut of cult classics like The Talented Mr. Ripley and Almost Famous, and the rise of completely addictive pop songs from iconic artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, and Destiny's Child. (Not sure if you've heard of those groups — none of the members really went on to do anything exciting.) I, for one, will never get enough of Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants" and listen to it all year round, so if you're in the mood for nostalgia, I've created the ultimate year 2000 playlist. Low-rise flare jeans, newsboy cap, and bedazzled sunglasses are totally optional (but encouraged).

Miami SeaFair hosts artists from all over world on luxury yacht

Johan Barrios’s oil works, part of his “Bad Party” series, were just as tongue-in-cheek. From Disney characters, to Baldarassi’s dots, to 1960’s advertising, this Colombian artist “copies” elements from other artists and strips them of their intended meaning in a comical, satirical way. Even more, Barrios impressively manages to insert photo-like images into his paintings by drawing them freehand in a photo-realistic technique.